John Appleby of Footless Crow on-line magazine has reviewed Diddly Squat’s Encyclopedia of Mountaineering.

“I don’t think Steve would be offended if I predicted that his work will probably not make it onto the Boardman-Tasker list next year. But then again, how many BT winners would cause the reader to spray coffee all over their keyboard?”

Read the full review at Footless Crow.


Diddly’s debut

Diddly Squat's Encyclopedia of Mountaineering

Diddly Squat shines his Torch of Truth up the dark arse of mountaineering. Learn the subtle difference between the whipper and the wanger, explore the fungal consequences of a Rhinog, and discover how Isaac Newton’s invention of gravity brought new thrills to the dreary pastime of rock climbing. With argot-busting bravado, Squat has rewritten the mumbo-jumbo of mountaineering in a language we can all misunderstand.

Out now on Kindle for less than a trillionth of the projected 5-year US defence budget. Which is better value? You decide.